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LRenee is one of the remaining few carrying a torch for true passion in music. Her music, vocals, and presence are 'the real deal'.

Publications Billboard Magazine, The Detroit News and Free Press, Michigan Chronicle, Rolling Out, Vibe Magazine and many more have pegged her as the next rising R&B icon from Detroit,MI.


Notable blogs and syndicated radio pillars Hello Beautiful, Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey, are anticipating what she will do next.


She is the standing duet partner and occasional opening act for mentor and musician friend UMG/Motown Recording Artist and multiple Grammy Award Nominee, Kem.


With her name meaning "Special Song", she is living up to the notion in all the best ways. With an infectious personality paired with charismatic beauty, she is naturally becoming a star while her fiery vocals chant anthems of love and melt the hearts of loyal fans internationally.


Creativity and music surge through her bloodline. She inherits musical talent and beauty from her late musician father and artistic mother. The heart and demeanor to match this rich heritage come from years of touring and aspiring to stimulate love by performing and writing about life and intimacy.


Her new EP, I’m Done (January 2019), centers around making passion and relationships work while growing to love yourself more in the process.


In a world centered around sensationalizing appearances over authenticity, LRenee is one of the endangered remaining few carrying the torch for those who want the ‘real thing’.

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